Site Penalized For BMR Links By Google panda Update?

Did you lose your traffic and rankings after the recent Panda update? If yes continue reading this post. Here we will discuss the ways to get rid of the penalty imposed by Google Panda.

Last month, Matt Cutts pointed out that Google is going to bring certain updates, which will level the playing field for all webmasters. Within a few days, Google de-indexed Build My Rank (BMR) and almost every site associated with it got penalized.

A sample letter from a Google Panda victim who came to us for help. I have deleted a certain portion to maintain the confidentiality of the client.


SEO Expert San Jose have spent the last 1 year or so really putting emphasis in on our site, optimizing it, adding videos, articles, great content and adding good quality backlinks. We’ve had no problem with this. In fact, our site appeared on the first page for many of our top keywords in the 1 to 5 spot. This has been like this for a year, steadily and gradually growing.

Our offsite link building consists of manual link building strategies that include press releases, videos, participation in forums, blogs and articles, ezine articles writing, social media etc.

On the 17th of February something major happened. All our keywords dropped like an arrow. Attached you will see the google analytics. Also here is a sample of the keywords that dropped so drastically. Traffic went from 3500-4000 a day to less than 1000. Actually, most traffic now is coming from Yahoo and Bing and I don’t know how long that would last.

The only thing we can think of is that one of our linking strategies was using BMR (Build My Rank) blog network to submit original content. And I heard that some blog networks got hit badly and started devaluating links from such networks. BMR was the better network because they only allowed original content so that is why we used them as one of our many search engine marketing strategies.

We stay away from really blackhat stuff…like Xrumer blasts, Senuke etc…

It is evident from the mail that the victim was doing great work. He was getting links from original SEO San Jose content still his site was penalized.

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Online Chord Switching On Guitar

One challenge guitar players face in the course of the very first few weeks of practicing is switching back and forth between chords. Part of the reason for this is beginners are still learning to memorize all the chord names and the right fingerings so there’s still a “lag” between chords.

An additional reason why switching chords is slow throughout the first few practice sessions is beginners would eliminate their whole hand from the neck of the bluegrass guitar when changing chords, so the transition between the two chords just isn’t as quick and smooth. The trick that requirements to be learned here is cutting down on the time and movement when switching between chords, so the entire procedure becomes seamless and appears virtually effortless.

Online Guitar Lessons

A good method to remember as you practice is visualizing ahead what chord you’ll play next. Try to imagine how you are able to move your fingers to move to the right positioning swiftly, so you don’t wind up having to uncover your way around when it is time to switch.

In case you watch your fingers closely the very first couple of times you switch chords, you could notice a couple of of your fingers raised somewhat bit greater as you alter finger positions. However, if you practice the chord switch carefully by visualizing all the positions of the fingers and then practicing the fastest and easiest method to do the switch, eventually the transition becomes smoother and quicker.

Attempt to gradually remove any unnecessary movements by your hands and fingers. This also cuts down the time it takes you to switch chords. Once you practice, practice switching between two chords over and over until there is certainly quite small movement and virtually no lag in the switching. If you visualize the chords, search for common fingerings where you will not even want to switch your fingers around.

In reality, the mastery of chord switching will come to you naturally as practice playing far more and a lot more, so if you are just beginning out, do not worry too much about this. Focus your attention a lot more on studying the basic theories and the correct finger positions, and you will locate that as you master the basics, the strategies turn into less complicated to determine also.

There are many available resources on the Internet to help you further. We have compiled and reviewed online guitar lessons that you can use for further learning and practice.

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What to Do When One Needs Loft Conversions?

Are you looking for extra space in your house? Do you crave for additional space in your kitchen? Are you worried about the increasing property prices in your city? With the property prices skyrocketing, it may not be feasible to buy a new home when your family expands. That’s the time when you can consider loft conversion. It can be a great alternative to buying a new property. You can get some extra living space by adding comfort and convenience to your home.

The biggest benefit of a loft conversion is that you can get additional space without shifting or changing the appearance of your property. It adds up to 40% to the value of your property. Loft conversions transform an old house into an amazing home without digging a hole in your pocket. You should plan well in advance to ensure that you get the best value for the money you spend. You would need professional expert advice on how to plan the conversion. There are chances that you would need plumbing or electricity connection in that specific area. Seeking professional advice ensures that the conversion is done properly. Usually, it may take around 12 weeks to get the loft conversion done.

loft conversions
loft conversions

Many homeowners ask this question – Why should I consider loft conversion in the first place? Some houses that were constructed in 1970 may include a lot of space for a loft conversion. Adding some extra rooms in the attic space can help to make your house look bigger. If you want to add an extra dining room or require a bigger kitchen, you can look for loft conversions in the house. Even an additional bedroom or bathroom can be availed by hiring experts.

Depending on your requirements and budget, you can hire an expert company for loft conversions. Call up a few agencies and get an idea about the services they provide. You can surf the internet to search for reputed and reliable companies offering such services. You can get free, no-obligation quotes from a few and then compare them. Once you choose to hire a company, you should ask the professionals about what materials and supplies would be needed for the job.

People also convert their basements and cellars into usable space. Look for the best architects offering renovation services so that you can be assured of high-quality work at minimum rates. When you discuss your requirements with some experts, you’ll be able to get a better understanding of the ideas for a loft conversion. Get expert advice from a few experts before you hire one for the job. You can ask your friends or colleagues if they know of any good professional architects for your project. Make sure that you get the best solution when it comes to loft conversions. A good loft conversion makes your home look amazing and great.

Choose to hire the best professionals in town when you are looking for loft conversions. Consider all the factors and get advice from experts.

TM Lofts is a trusted and reputed loft conversion company Wiltshire helping clients get the best solutions for adding extra space to their homes.


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Our Top Picks for Baby This Spring

It’s very easy to go overboard when you start buying bits and bobs for your new baby. Everything looks so cute and adorable. And so tiny too!

Ok , we may be biased but here are a few of our favourites this Spring.:

Giant Muslin Bamboo Swaddle Blanket – Tutu Elephant

We absolutely love this baby swaddle blanket Blanket to bits. It’s unbelievably soft and you’ll be able to wash it time and time again without it losing its softness. It’s really versatile too. Pop it over your shoulder when you’re burping your little one or drape it over your shoulder when breastfeeding. Swaddled in this gorgeous bamboo muslin, your baby will feel super-comfy and the fabric is breathable to reduce the risk of your little one overheating. Buy it for yourself or as a newborn baby gift.

Organic Applique One Piece – Rose Dot Hedgehog

This gorgeous short sleeve baby body from Milkbarn iis made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and is lovely and soft. We particularly like the sweet applique design. Yes it’s perfect for baby to sleep in but let’s be honest, it’s perfectly stylish to wear in the day too.

Brushed Cotton Sheep Pyjamas

There’s a bit of an animal theme going on here methinks! These babies pyjamas are 100% brushed cotton and supersoft like all our clothes here at Tilly and Jasper. They have cute little pockets and come in a beautiful matching drawstring bag. The pyjamas would make a perfect gift, don’t you think?

Baba & Boo Reusable Cloth Nappy

Cloth nappies look so good nowadays that you can’t blame Mums for not wanting to cover them up with clothes. This nappy comes in 5 different designs but we love the Daisy Chain one best. The great thing is that it’s a one-size nappy which will fit any baby between 10 and 36lbs. Yes it’ll be a bit big for a newborn but it won’t be long before your baby is 10lbs. The nappy also comes with a couple of bamboo and cotton inserts. The microfibre lining next to your baby’s skin is lovely and soft and draws moisture away from baby to keep him or her dry and nappy-rash free.

Bamboo Baby Bowl

There’s been so much stuff in the media recently about trying to cut down the amount of plastic in the environment, that this bamboo baby’s bowl was a must for our list. It’s natural and chemical-free so you don’t have to worry about BPAs. We love that it’s made from one single piece of fairly traded and certified organic bamboo with no glues used at all. It’s perfect for tiny hand, is safe and will last and last.

Paradise Birds Dungarees

If they made something adult-size in this fabric, I’d be there in a shot. The striking birds of paradise on these LGR dungarees are so colourful! The dungarees are comfy and soft with poppers here, there and everywhere for easy nappy-changing. They are ethically made from Fairtrade organic cotton – so eco-friendly as well as gorgeous. Little Green Radicals make beautiful baby clothes – stylish as well as practical.

Whether you’re buying for your own baby or as a gift, we think we have plenty of eco-friendly organic baby clothes and other bits & bobs to suit all tastes. What do you think?


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Child Labour in the Textile Supply Chain

Where, why and what can be done

Around 260 million children are in employment around the world, according to the International Labour Organisation (pdf). Of them, the ILO estimates that 170 million are engaged in child labour, defined by the UN as “work for which the child is either too young – work done below the required minimum age – or work which, because of its detrimental nature or conditions, is altogether considered unacceptable for children and is prohibited”.

Child labour is forbidden by law in most countries but continues to be rife in some of the poorest parts of the world.

“The ILO estimates that 170 million are engaged in child labour, with many making textiles and garments to satisfy the demand of consumers in Europe, the US, and beyond”

The situation is improving. ILO estimates suggest child labour declined by 30% between 2000 and 2012, but still 11% of the world’s children are in situations that deprive them of their right to go to school without interference from work.

Many of these child labourers work within the fashion supply chain, making the textiles and garments to satisfy the demand of consumers in Europe, the US, and beyond.

Why does it exist?

Fast fashion has engendered a race to the bottom, pushing companies to find ever-cheaper sources of labour. That cheap labour is freely available in many of the countries where textile and garment production takes place.

Sofie Ovaa, global campaign coordinator of Stop Child Labour, says: “There are many girls in countries like India and Bangladesh, who are willing to work for very low prices and are easily brought into these industries under false promises of earning decent wages.”

A recent report  by the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO), and the India Committee of the Netherlands (ICN) revealed that recruiters in southern India convince parents in impoverished rural areas to send their daughters to spinning mills with promises of a well-paid job, comfortable accommodation, three nutritious meals a day and opportunities for training and schooling, as well as a lump sum payment at the end of three years. Their field research shows that “in reality, they are working under appalling conditions that amount to modern day slavery and the worst forms of child labour”.

Child labour is a particular issue for fashion because much of the supply chain requires low-skilled labour and some tasks are even better suited to children than adults. In cotton picking, employers prefer to hire children for their small fingers, which do not damage the crop.

Children are seen as obedient workers who slip under the radar, making them easy to manage. Ovaa says: “There is no supervision or social control mechanisms, no unions that can help them to bargain for better working conditions. These are very low-skilled workers without a voice, so they are easy targets.”

Employers get away with it because the fashion supply chain is hugely complex and it is hard for companies to control every stage of production. That makes it possible to employ children without big brands and consumers ever finding out.

Where is it happening?

The countries highlighted above were identified by SOMO as particularly notorious for child labour in the textile and garment industry
Children work at all stages of the supply chain in the fashion industry: from the production of cotton seeds in Benin, harvesting in Uzbekistan, yarn spinning in India, right through to the different phases of putting garments together in factories across Bangladesh.

In the organic cotton baby clothes industry, children are employed to transfer pollen from one plant to another. They are subjected to long working hours, exposure to pesticides and they are often paid below the minimum wage. In developing countries where cotton is one of the main crops, children are enlisted to help harvest the delicate crop and reports suggest (pdf) they work long hours sowing cotton in the spring, followed by weeding through the summer months.

“An estimated 170 million children are engaged in child labour, or 11% of the global population of children, according to the International Labour Organisation”

At the next step of the chain, in the yarn and spinning mills, child labour is rampant. The SOMO report (pdf) found that 60% of workers at the mills it investigated in India were under-18 when they started working there; the youngest workers were 15 when they joined.

Children also work in the “cut-make-trim” stage, when clothes are put together. SOMO says: “In garment factories, children perform diverse and often arduous tasks such as dyeing, sewing buttons, cutting and trimming threads, folding, moving and packing garments. In small workshops and home sites, children are put to work on intricate tasks such as embroidering, sequinning and smocking (making pleats).”

What are the challenges?

One of the biggest challenges in tackling child labour in the fashion supply chain is the complex supply chain for each garment. Even when brands have strict guidelines in place for suppliers, work often gets sub-contracted to other factories that the buyer may not even know about.

Ovaa says: “Companies that sell their products in Europe and the US have no clue where the organic cotton clothing come from. Maybe they know their first supplier and there are codes of conduct in place, but further down the chain in the lower tiers it is very difficult to understand where the cotton comes from.”

Tackling child labour is further complicated by the fact it is just a symptom of larger problems. Where there is extreme poverty, there will be children willing to work cheaply and susceptible to being tricked into dangerous or badly paid work.

Lotte Schuurman at the Fair Wear Foundation says if parents have no education they will end up in low-paid work; their children will be forced to work, they will miss out on their education, and they too will end up in low-paid work as adults. “You need to get out of that vicious circle of poverty to decline child labour,” she says.

What can businesses do?

Schuurman says there are practical steps that companies can take to rid their supply chains of child labour. “Brands can start off by creating a supply register. Fashion brands normally have 200 or more suppliers. You should start by knowing who your manufacturers are and visiting them.” On these visits, she says brand representatives must watch out for signs the factory is sub-contracting; they should be concerned, if the factory does not have enough workers for the amount of t-shirts it produces.

Companies can also address their purchasing practices, which can make working conditions worse. Schuurman says: “To meet tight deadlines or unanticipated orders, factories may sub-contract without informing the buying companies. Sometimes that is enforced by the brand; it puts too much pressure on the factory.” Companies can adjust their purchasing practices to lighten the load and ensure the factories they have inspected fulfil their orders, she says.

It is also important to make workers aware of their rights so they know where to file a complaint. “Although most clothing brands don’t own their own factories, they do have a lot of influence. We want to work with brands that want to work with their factories,” says Schuurman.

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SEO, Technology

San Jose SEO Services – How it is making Your Business more Profitable?

The internet has untouched the way so as to businesses sell dramatically in the onwards decade. Most businesses at the moment rely on their website to generate leads, sales or significance in the upshot or service they plug. Because of the prominence in search engines whilst it comes to driving frequent to a website, San Jose SEO Services allow increased in popularity. SEO, or local search engine optimization, is the process of humanizing your website’s grade in the search engines in support of keywords linking to your position.

Online marketing on the undivided has risen in popularity, with the digit of specialists in various areas growing speedily. Such areas include SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO.

Both SEM and SEO consultants are particularly comfortable to come up to by online and a digit of businesses service competitively priced services of specialists they might in no way truly unite in person. But with increasing facts of SEO companies setting up in offices in cities all greater than the humanity, could you repeat that? Is the settlement of choosing an SEO consultant in your area?

The at the outset help is so as to you can unite your search engine consultants aspect to aspect. Is this not more fitting in support of a commercial seminar than a succession of emails? If you’re in California, you would probably benefit from a San Jose based consultancy, in support of instance, in order so as to you can personally visit them or allow them to visit you. Face to aspect meetings provides an undeniable level of trust so as to simply cannot be replicated by emails with a complete stranger.

Meeting someone in person plus provides you with the opportunity to air concerns you might allow, ask questions and discuss your campaign in assign. Being able to drive to the responsibility of your consultant inside a reasonable amount of instant plus capital so as to you can clutch regular progress meetings and really reward a chubby understanding of anywhere your money is being spent, as disparate to an impersonal email with an only some evidence and facts on.

For individuals whose commercial provides a service locally, it might plus be of benefit to allow a search engine optimization company with more understanding of the locality itself.

While nearby is nix doubt in the detail so as to the internet is fantastic resource in support of result San Jose SEO consultants, but it’s something of an indignity so as to, in many ways, the internet has eradicated the similarity commercial ideal, of consumers and businesses using the services of other area companies, in this fashion boosting the area thrift. If you’re leaving to service the internet to attain your SEO specialist anyway, why not precisely search in support of the area ones.

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