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The Perks of Outsourcing Your Dangerous Goods Handling

Australian Government statutory body, Safe Work Australia, was established in 2008 to develop national policy relating to Work Health and Safety (WHS) as well as workers’ compensation. It is important to observe mandated regulations regarding dangerous goods handling, especially if you are not an authority on the subject, because it can have significant ramifications for your business as well as your employees if you do not understand your Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) obligations.

According to Safe Work Australia’s Code of Practice on Managing Risks of Hazardous Chemicals in the Workplace, published July 2012, there are a number of ways to control the risks associated with hazardous chemicals where some control measures are more effective than others, as represented in the ‘hierarchy of control’. “You must always aim to eliminate a hazard and associated risk first. If this is not reasonably practicable, the risk must be minimised by using one or more of the following approaches: substitution, isolation, and implementing engineering controls.”

As per national policy, most businesses eliminate the hazard of working with dangerous goods simply by outsourcing that requirement to experienced toll manufacturing specialists such as Chemical Solutions.

dangerous goods handling
dangerous goods handling

Dangerous Goods Handling—Services and Storage

One of our most popular services in relation to dangerous goods handling is chemical repacking, which can be combined with other services from blending and crushing to sieving and filtering for a more holistic production cycle. Rather than expose your personnel to the risks of dangerous goods handling, we have the facilities, the equipment, and the team to manage the risks in a safe and compliant manner.

We also provide effective inventory storage for dangerous goods and hazardous substance, adhering to legislated requirements for classification labelling. This aspect of dangerous goods handling can be tedious and difficult for businesses because it is a crucial requirement to complete with perfect accuracy. Also, by offloading your products to our storage facilities, businesses can optimise their own warehouse inventories.

Chemical Repacking

Another advantage of working with Chemical Solutions is using the chemical repacking service. While we can manage the complete end-to-end blending and repacking process, we also manufacture to your specifications, complying with all dangerous goods handling processes. This is ideal in terms of speed-to-market and cost-effectiveness.

Dangerous Goods Repacking Options

Chemical Solutions are can supply water soluble bags for dangerous goods handling. Suppliers that cannot source product in their preferred format should contact our team to toll or contract repack the relevant materials into the required packs.

Chemical Solutions has a variety of stock packages (bags, pails, etc.) available for dangerous goods and hazardous and non-hazardous products. Our machinery can handle between 1kg-25kg packaging solutions, giving you flexibility in the physical handling and packaging of the products, as well as how to store and transport them.

Quality Toll Manufacturing with Dangerous Goods Handling Expertise

At Chemical Solutions, in addition to providing dangerous goods handling services we also specialise in toll manufacturing, sieving and filtering, and a range of other complementary bulk chemical activities. For more information, call 1300 708 558 or enquire via our website.

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Steel Commercial Building

Steel commercial building are popular all over the world since they are safe, affordable, low maintenance and extremely resilient towards everyday wear and tear. Entire buildings can be constructed out of steel, but mixing several building materials with each other in the same construction is also highly popular. The traditional method for building skyscrapers is an example of such a combination, since it involves attaching concrete wall to a weight carrying steel skeleton.

Steel is a strong, yet flexible building material and steel commercial building can therefore be created in a wide range of different styles. With a commercial steel building, you never have to trade looks for safety. By using flexible designs, you can create a steel building that alters as your enterprise alters.

A high quality commercial steel building is a long term investment that will not need to be discarded if your business expands or take on a new route – you simply adjust the commercial steel building to your new needs and let it remain a part of your business facility solution.

steel commercial building

Some of the most well known steel commercial building are the large exhibition halls and those housing various sport events – such as riding arenas, gymnasiums and skating rinks. Steel is strong enough to be used in column free buildings and is therefore an ideal building material if you intend to create a building that will be used for basketball, handball and similar. If you look around you will however notice that steel commercial building are used for a much wider range of activities than those mentioned above. Steel commercial building used to have quite a bad aesthetical reputation, and many people still think of steel commercial building as nothing but barren steel barns that can only be used as storage space or contain low end retail businesses. This is however very far from the truth. Today, steel commercial building are created in a wide range of different styles and designs. Regardless of whether you want to create a huge shopping mall or a small and cosy restaurant, you can obtain a commercial steel building that suits your particular business perfectly and blends in nicely with the neighbourhood. This is true even if you opt for a prefabricated commercial steel building, since even those come in a vast array of architectural styles today. Many companies that offer prefabricated steel commercial building of high-quality will also offer a broad selection of outer coatings and you can for instance decorate your steel commercial building with masonry, stucco or even wooden panels to make more suitable for your particular project.

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Spending a lot of time and money on routine maintenance is not something business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs long for, and the steel commercial building are therefore highly popular due to their remarkably low need for maintenance work. By investing in a high quality commercial steel structure, you will be able to focus your attention on your business – not on the building. Steel commercial building can be obtained with protective outer coatings that will endure anything from heavy snow to hail storms. Steel is also a building material that can not be infested by common pests and parasites, such as termites, mold and fungi.

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