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Custom Banners at Melbourne

Custom banners became popular around the 17th century in Europe. Also, prior to that, it is believed that over 3000 years ago custom banners were already popular in Asia and the rest of the Orient. Today, the main purpose of custom banners is to advertise or note the occurrence of a special event.

custom banners


Custom Flags Sydney back to when armies used them as identification in battlefields. Throughout History they have also been used as a means for communicating and signalling in long distance situations. It is believed that this trend started in the Far East (Punjab lovers. com). Ships are also known for having used custom banners to identify each other at sea during times of conflicts, as well as a form of communication.

Ancient and Modern Times

Ancient armies used custom banners to identify themselves not only in battle situations. Armies also used these instruments to identify which king or country they were fighting for. Today, modern armies use their respective country’s flag plus battalions and brigades all have their own specific custom flag and flagpole as a sign of pride as well as for identification purposes.

In the 17th century, naval fleets and pirates used custom banners Melbourne in the same manner and reason as their land counterpart did – in battle. Custom banners were used to differentiate friend from foe, as well as for communicating among themselves at sea in the per-telegraph age. Today, ships use custom banners Melbourne to denote, primarily, the country where the vessel has been registered.


Other uses, currently, involve using custom banners as a very inexpensive manner in which to advertise by calling attention to product or place of business. Also, they are used to advertise your location.

By adding written messages such as “OPEN”, “YEAR END SALE, etc., you are able to become even more specific in your advertising. Think of what it would cost you to run a full colored ad in your local newspaper.

Custom banners Melbourne normally are coordinated to go with each other and according to specific requirements. For example, you would never place a feather custom flag on a Franklin custom flagpole.

The best custom banners for this endeavor are the rotating pole design with ground sleeve, the 1”diameter display pole, the collapsible flagpoles and lawn mate flagpoles.

Other Uses

Custom banners are used for other situations aside from advertising. There are custom flags that are used by scuba divers, checked flags in racing and religious banners in churches, synagogues and places of worship.

Another form of using custom banners is for announcing a celebration such as a new baby, a birthday or anniversary. These are normally placed on your front yard or hung from the roof in front of your home.

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