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Drive Safely With the Driving Lights

In reality, driving lights are designed and constructed in a way to work as an enhancement to the high beam headlights. Generally, their candlepower is twice that of the beam headlights. Also, the rectangular beam shape produces a light pattern that can pass through more clearly than high beam headlights. Aside from the reach of longer distance, these lights also give wider side lighting that gives the advantage to see the side of the roads to ensure safety. Therefore these lights lessen the chance of hitting children and animals while driving at night.

A poor driving light is one of the usual causes of road accidents. So if you prefer safety, driving lamps are the best choice. Normally, people depend more on the high beam lights which are located on the front end of the vehicle by the side of the regular driving lamps. As a matter of fact, there are at least three different types of lights in any vehicle – the driving lights, high beam lights, and the parking lights. Sometimes they even have fog light. However, a problem with car lights management still exists.

It is not surprising to know that some people use parking lights when driving during dusk. Parking lights are actually intended when you are parking the car or when you are inside the car at full stopped. But the problem is still rooted from the fact that the parking light and the regular light are operated through the same switch. Extra precaution should be considered when you have this kind of car problem.

Another major concern is the high beams. High beam lights should only be used when you are on the road and no car is approaching you within three miles. It has a very powerful light and it is designed to lighten a wider range of area. It is more advisable to use it when driving lessons gold coast through woods or country road.

On the other hand, aftermarket lights are also very popular among truck drivers. There are actually quite spaces to install additional lighting without using the roll bar, bull bar or brush bar. Say for example the mounting lights can be mounted under or on the bumpers. This type of light is very important in increasing the visibility of the road in the dark weather or at night.


HID Driving Lights

HID or High-Intensity Discharge is a new technology nowadays. Continue to read if in case you don’t know about it yet. Or you can skip from reading this if you want to miss out on a technology that people use nowadays. Due to the demand of the market, auto manufacturers have come up with HID driving lamps.

What is HID? Definitely, it is not HIV, don’t be confused with that. They actually provide 50% brighter light, 40% better road visibility both in front and side, and definitely improve your driving experience at night.

Old halogen headlights are normally used by regular cars. It usually comes in yellow color due to the property of halogen. Economically speaking, it is better to use because it is cheaper in price, but it is much clever to upgrade to an HID headlight. Why? Because HID is efficient in saving much more energy. It does not only give superior luminance, but it also gives the lamp a longer lifespan.

They work by containing dual filaments, the high and low beam respectively. They have an internal gas pressure which lessens the rate of tungsten evaporation. Comparing it to an incandescent lamp, they work up the filament temperature up to 4500K which is similar to the intensity found during noon. Hence, you can achieve the whitest, brightest light that you can ever imagine for your car.

HID or High-Intensity Discharge headlights definitely increase your visibility when driving at night. Take note of these advantages especially for those people who drive on the highways. It will not be surprising to know if car factory lines will mass produce HID in the future.

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