External Bifold Doors Outlook on a Beautiful World

Bi fold doors, both external and internal have been around for quite a long time now. Since they were first introduced many modifications have been introduced by bi fold specialists.

Here are just some of the advanced features available today, Doors that open internally or externally, doors that open on both sides – this allows you to choose the bi fold opening configuration, you no longer need to compromise with restrictive and inconvenient bifolds. You can now choose any door that opens inwards and outwards, left or right or even split doors that open both ways.

External Bifold Doors Security Features

Secure folding hinges are just one improvement that has been added for modern day doors. This means that instead of plastic panels masking the screws of hinges, which were easily exposed by intruders and a major security risk, these doors can now be found with black hinges that blend with the gaskets, they are secured so as to restrict the pin from being removed, thus making it harder to break and enter your home.

When making these doors, security is very much at the forefront of every manufacturers mind, as no one wants to produce doors that are easily to break into.

Tough external finishes combined with strong secure glass and powerful locks make these very flexible doors an attractive way of opening up the house to the external world without having to compromise on security.

external bifold doors
external bifold doors

External Bifold Doors – Energy Saving

Bifolds today can come with double glazed thermal pane folding doors to keep in the heat and prevent energy loss through the glass. This can also prolong the life of the door panels as this will reduce condensation build up.

Saving energy is a smart thing to do these days as costs are rising rapidly, by installing energy saving doors you are bound to save money overall throughout the winter months as the double glazed thermal sealed units will keep the internal panes at room temperature thus preventing condensation and because of the thermal seal will help prevent heat escaping. Modern bi folding doors are water tight and designed to keep out the elements when closed.

These modern doors also offer much better access for wheelchair users. By adding hidden running tracks in the ground, this makes accidents by tripping over less likely by not having a track jutting out from the floor for people to trip over.

Overall the external bifold doors outlook on the world is one of a refreshing use of space with added beauty and luxury.


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