New Curriculum Update: Introducing Junior Coding!

New Curriculum Update: Introducing Junior Coding!

What is Junior Coding?

Code Franchise is proud to announce a new Junior Coding program for our youngest learners! This course is aimed at students from 5-7 years old who are either beginner or pre-readers. Kids have the opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of technology and coding in a fun and interactive environment.

How Does it Work?

Learning through exploration and play, students will use Ozobots, Sphero, and Scratch JR to build an understanding of technology and begin to code. For our coding franchise partners, we offer a unique business opportunity that is purpose-built to help you succeed. Students will also build mastery with computing devices, exploring the operating system and software on a tablet and building fundamental technology know-how. We chose tools especially suited for young hands & minds for these courses, and offer the perfect lessons and activities for developing coders.

Working in a small group setting, a Launch teacher will guide students through interactive activities that build students’ familiarity and expertise with foundational concepts like commands, patterns, loops, and more. They are then introduced to computing devices and guided through an exploration on how these principles are applied with coding.


Why start so young?

Though students will not begin writing out code, they will build an awareness and understanding of the tools of the trade, building a technological literacy that will set the stage for the rest of their lives. In addition, our courses offer experience with the building blocks to help them understand how code is connected to computing technologies, and how the languages are organized and structured, which is an understanding that needs to take root and grow in young learner’s minds. Choose a Launch location near you on our curriculum page to learn more!