Teacher Appreciation Week: Thank You STEM Educators!

This National Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6th – 10), we want to give a special thank you to the men and women doing their part to make sure the future is full of bright minds by incorporating code into the classroom!

Organized by the National PTA to celebrate all teachers for the invaluable service they do, the first National Teacher Appreciation Week took place back in 1984. For the past 35 years, the PTA and business all around the country host celebrations, and offer perks!

From introducing children to the topic that inspire their profession, to simply encouraging them to believe in themselves, teachers have perhaps the most important role in the community; cultivating future minds for the betterment of society. As computers become more and more integral for our society to function, the importance of STEM teachers who incorporate coding classes Austin is more important than ever.

coding classes austin
coding classes austin

We understand just how critical a good STEM education early on can be in affecting a child’s capacity to easily grasp coding and computer science concepts. Not only are teachers skilled in science and mathematics extremely valuable they are also in short supply. Based off recent Texas Education Agency data only there are only 1,541 science teachers and 1821 math teachers in Texas out of the 358,514 total public school teachers in Texas!

This shortage makes sense, as those who choose to share their STEM knowledge with future generations do so ultimately at their own expense, given that the average salaries for STEM majors in the corporate world undoubtedly exceed those of a public school teacher.

From our team at Launch, thank you. Your work is not left unnoticed. If your child’s school offers computer science education, you’re one of the lucky few and those teachers deserve your gratitude. If you’d like to give your child access to more resources and a dedicated computer science education, check out after-school programs near you.

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Curriculum Update: Internet of Things and Arduino

What do Fitbits, smart lights and thermostats, voice assistants, and self-driving cars have in common? They are all part of the Internet of Things and they are all powered by microcontrollers!

Here at Launch, we’ll be rolling out new curriculum modules designed to teach kids the fundamentals of circuits, robotics, IOT, and programming microcontrollers like Arduino. These projects will be available to advanced students in our after-school program as well as in an abbreviated form for our week-long computer coding summer camps.

In this unit, students take on the role of Payload Commander of a mission to Mars, and explore Robotics and IOT devices to design lightweight scientific equipment and monitoring systems to keep the crew safe on their journey through space. The Arduino is a popular, powerful microcontroller, a special kind of integrated circuit. Kids learn to program these mini-computers to work with electrical components to do whatever it is that you can dream up!

computer coding summer camps
computer coding summer camps

Topics covered:

  • Concepts of voltage, current, power, energy, and what a circuit is.
  • How to use a multimeter and understanding the difference between measuring in series and in parallel.
  • Use the Arduino IDE

 Skills students will take away from this course:

  • How to build parallel and series circuits with LEDs and resistors.
  • Work with breadboards and multimeters to create and test circuits.
  • Build Arduino projects with simple inputs like buttons and photoresistors. Use the serial monitor and other types of output to create and test projects.

Want to learn more about Arduino and try out a space-themed project with your child? Join us for Arduino Day, a free official Arduino event at our Westlake location.


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Why Is In-Person Learning Best?

“Online course completion rates are atrocious, at less than seven percent according to studies. Younger students thrive in an environment where they have an adult to guide them in not just the material they are learning, but also in the process of learning. Launch provides just kids coding languages such an environment, one that is not only fun, but also builds upon the advantages of the mentor-student relationship to enhance persistence and problem-solving skills.”

– Parr, Chris. “Not Staying the Course.” New Study of Low MOOC Completion Rates. Inside Higher Ed, 10 May 2013. Web. 08 Feb. 2018.

The U.S. Dept of Education conducted a meta-analysis of almost a thousand research papers, and found that delivering digital content blended with face-to-face interaction and coaching is the most effective way for students to learn.* That is why Launch’s model is particularly effective. We blend critical advantages of online learning such as consistent course structure, multiple opportunities for student reflection and comprehension check, and the ability to work at your own pace with the unparalleled guidance of a face-to-face mentor. Combine this with the fact that we’re conveniently located in your backyard and you have a recipe for success!

kids coding languages
kids coding languages

Online Courses Are Not Effective

With only a 7% completion rate for online classes, research shows that face-to-face education is superior.

Learning is a social and collaborative process. Students, especially kids, need a personal connection to be successful learners.

The fact is, that online learning just does not provide everything that students need to successfully complete a course of learning.

“Only 17 percent of students who entered any of the 69 online bachelor’s programs that reported these specific data to U.S. News graduated in three years, while just 35 percent graduated within six.”

– U.S. News and World Report, 30 Jan. 2015. Web. 08 Feb. 2018.

Click for Source:-

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Essential E-Commerce Trends for 2019

E-commerce is a constantly changing field with trends that go in and out of style. Staying abreast of these changes ensures that your eCommerce development website provides the proper services needed to keep up and overpower the competition. Optimize your website and user experience to ensure the best possible purchasing experience. Perhaps more importantly, however, the web population has driven innovation with an increasingly diverse set of needs. Social media has become dominated, particularly in the latter part of 2010, by Facebook and Twitter.

ecommerce development

1.Social Media:

While social media has traditionally been seen as the “be all and end all” for an e-commerce site, the “like” has lost some traction with businesses. It is no longer the most important aspect of an e-commerce website, but having lots of fans still instills customer confidence.

2.Customer Reviews:

Testimonials and reviews have always been an important part of the online shopping experience. Customers are getting smarter and starting to learn how to differentiate between fake and real reviews. Allow customers to comment using social media and methods that offer a level of identity verification. Don’t cut the negative reviews either, instead, respond to the review online to show that the company cares about satisfying its customers.

3.Purchasing Options:

E-commerce sites are moving more toward combining brick-and-mortar and online purchasing. Stores that can combine the online experience with the traditional benefits of a physical location will see increased sales and profits.

4.Conversion Marketing:

Constantly testing product purchase pathways and finding the best website design to guide the customer from first introduction to final purchase is essential to a successful e-commerce website. Using analytic tools and other site-monitoring tools provides users with an enhanced website experience and results in more profits.

5.Mobile Ordering:

Ordering via a mobile phone has become more and more common. For mobile shops to work, display products in a way that makes navigation easy and fast. Mobile phones are generally slower than regular computer connections, so website owners should concentrate on finding ways to create mobile apps and programming that provides a fast and easy shopping experience.

6.Tablet PCs:

Tablet PCs are becoming more popular and are expected to increase e-commerce sales. Offering the ability for customers to download an application for your store and keeping in mind tablet users when designing the website improves the overall effectiveness.


Search engines are placing an increasing emphasis on websites that produce video content. One only has to complete a web search to see that many now include a few videos at the top of the results. Creating instructional videos and product explanations using video is a growing trend in e-commerce.


Never underestimate the power of quality customer service. When pricing and ease of ordering is the same across the board for several websites, you must find other ways to differentiate your services. The trend toward providing customers with personal attention and service is growing rapidly.

9.Upscale Websites:

Luxury retailers must find ways to move to the web while continuing to create an image of superiority. Accomplish this through exclusive offers for the highest paying customers, free expedited service for those who spend over a certain amount, and the ability to offer unmatched support and help with products.

10.Image Quality:

Image quality has become increasingly important. Websites used to use lower quality images to save bandwidth. Now, a website must have high-definition versions of each product so that customers can easily scrutinize an item before purchasing online.

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eCommerce Website Re-designing & Maintenance

According to 247 Labs, a website is a simplified representation of complicated business concepts. However, apart from being simplified, this representation has to be attractive, direct and easily navigable. Hence, it’s wise to choose an expert to create a website that matters the most for your business. From a simple static design to a complex eCommerce website, 247 Labs offers affordable and impressive design for all the types. Mentioned below are some of the types of websites we offer to businesses and individuals, depending on the nature of the business.

In today’s world, where entertainment is just a click away, holding the customer on your website for more than a few seconds is a tough challenge. If the message is not presented in an attractive manner within a few seconds, the customers are likely to move away. An effective solution to this conundrum is using a flash website. It uses a combination text, sound, video, images, and animation that deliver the message to the user in an entertaining manner. Although there are a few drawbacks of a flash website, designers at 247 Labs are proficient at eliminating these drawbacks and use it to your advantage. It is a popular belief that flash web pages do not search engine friendly and takes more time to load. However, as mentioned earlier, we know how to use keywords and useful content within flash pages, which loads quicker than a normal website.


If only having an online presence is adequate for your business, 247 Labs advises going for a static website, which will provide all the information that your target audience needs. It is an affordable option, as the amount of design and content is minimal. While it is simple in nature, it must be attractive enough to pull customers. eCommerce Website development 247 Labs excels in creating impressive static web pages that looks professional and simple. Before working on the design, we understand the nature of the business, its purpose, target audience, and penetration strategy. Only after understanding these aspects, we initiate work on the project. The final outcome, therefore, has to be a brilliant piece of work.

With an increasing number of consumers willing to shop online, the importance of an eCommerce Website development today is like never before. This kind of website mainly displays all the products and services offered by a business, along with the required details, and an online payment transaction system that allows customers to purchase the offerings of the business. While an e-commerce website makes shopping simpler, a minor flaw in the transaction system can affect the profitability of the business. However, developers at 247 Labs are proficient and experienced in building a robust and simplified eCommerce website with features like a secured payment system, shopping carts, etc.

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An Inside Look at the Techniques of an Effective SEO Services Los Angeles

On a popular Search Engine, if I type Seo services los angeles, what do you think will come up? All Companies that offer SEO services within the Los Angeles area. This would work for the benefit of all the parties involved, the internet user who is getting specific information according to his search feed and the seo services los angeles who is getting a potential client.

As soon as the user requested his search, a lot of background work took place on his behalf to show the relevant results. The search engine spider had already recorded all the companies who offer the requested service by literally going through all the registered Seo services los angeles websites. The websites had already informed the spider they offer these services invisibly on the web page.

seo services los angeles
seo services los angeles

At one time the internet only had a few websites registered, whereas now there are at least a couple billion. Earlier search engines used to show only ten search results, now there are at least 10 pages. How does one decide which site to explore, whether searching for an Seo services los angeles or anything else? How does one become search engine friendly?

The process described above is a part of search engine optimization web marketing, also known as SEO. SEO has evolved as a marketing tool too. Previously, Online Marketing or Internet Marketing involved mostly advertising on the web pages or emailing a small client list and maybe spamming to an extent. But with the popularity of Facebook, Twitter and SEO, Social Media Marketing has taken a turn for the better. Keeping an online presence has become more like a brand presence, and an Seo services los angeles can help facilitate that.

Technically, this is how SEO works: First, a website gets listed on a search engine with the help of certain tags. Then a search engine spider looks for these meta-tags through all the World Wide Web registered sites and stores the information. When a user enters keywords in a popular search engine, the spider looks at all the stored websites with the meta-tags matching, and throws up all these sites. The only problem is that there are too many sites that are thrown. This doesn’t benefit the user or the company in question. Therefore, the los angeles seo experts have come up with a way to localize the search request. In this way, if you as a user are looking for something local like food, flowers, hardware or clothes, you won’t be shown stores or sellers from another city. The website’s business benefits from this too, as it works like online yellow pages. To facilitate this, it is essential that the physical address including the zip code, city, and state is included in the site titles or tags. This is the information that the SEO Company will refer to. Also known as Local SEO, this is a way of getting noticed, locally. Search Engines, prior to local SEO gave more information than required to the user. The SEO marketing has changed since, and is helping localize the searches requested.

Depending on the size of the website, Internet Marketing packages being offered by guaranteed seo services los angeles and other SEO companies are different. The aim of all these services offered is to increase the search engine ranking. These services include the following:

On-page optimization and Off-page optimization:  On-page optimization refers to the information or keywords that are stored on the real online HTML page. Off-page optimization refers to the act of allowing only content relevant sites to associate with your site by way of in-bound links. This is more like indirect or subtle marketing, completed by an Seo services los angeles with the help of other long term strategies like article submission.

Online Research and Website Analysis:  All of the above works very well, but it is only effective if adequate research is done on how the online marketing method is working best. Website analysis involves analyzing the source of the clicks the website is getting and where they are coming from – thus figuring the target audience out. Analyzing all the parameters (such as clicks from links, from advertisements, from other websites, and from a search engine) is a way to bring the Seo services los angeles closer to the client, and to understand the client’s specific needs.

Website Design, Structure and Optimization:  Includes tag optimization, content optimization, image optimization and sitemap implementation. This ensures that the content being offered is good quality content. This is the most important aspect of marketing, and an Seo services los angeles is fully competent in figuring out what “good conent” means for their client’s company. The product being offered needs to be refined so that a potential customer is not only attracted to it, but also remains a client forever. Good content is essential to the survival of any website and if that content is keyword rich, it is only for the better. Keyword rich articles increase your ranking and visibility on search engines. Keeping the content regularly updated with the latest development is also a part of optimization.

Directory Submissions:  This involves placing the submission of your website’s brief summary in the proper category in various directories. Proper anchor texts help increase the search engine ranking. Doing this manually, which can be part of the duties an Seo services los angeles, helps as against automated submission. This is because sometimes it can be listed on the wrong directories. This may work the other way and not attract the right clientele.

Forums and Blogging:  Having a presence in the right forums and interacting directly with interested internet users is another effective strategy. Blogging on relevant topics, topics that affect your users, topics that are consistent with the product being offered on the website, blogs that help popularize the content, blogs that discuss issues and problems, remotely related to the product are also a way towards subtle online marketing. An Seo services los angeles is useful in this respect because they have the inside scoop on which forums/blogs to post on and which to avoid.

Facebook and Twitter: Being active on Facebook and twitter keeps your users abreast with the activities of your website. This is a direct way to interact with the clients, but has to be done frequently, which is why outsourcing this to an Seo services los angeles is sometimes necessary. Overall social reach towards increases with the right use of these two applications as it is a direct interface with the target audience.

All of the above tools and techniques, if worked on together by an Seo services los angeles, will give the perfect results for search engine rankings and optimization. Of course only the highest package would include all of these services and more to benefit your company, but even implementing a few of these tools is sure to do something for your website and your internet presence. It is up to the client to decide how much (or how little) the visibility of their business will improve. With the help of the right Seo services los angeles, though, the sky is the limit!

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SEO Company To Help You Get More Customers

If you have just started a business online, then it is important for you to know more about the challenges that come with it. In fact, it would be wiser for you to learn about them even before you start out on your online ventures.

Different techniques work for different businesses. There will be many companies promoting similar businesses like yours, but you can catch the attention of your prospective clients by being different. Well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be dramatically different. There will be many small little aspects in your business that can have their own uniqueness to attract your target crowd.

You could also take help from a reliable seo firm los angeles to help you get more customers. It will give you the room to focus more on other important departments of your business like hiring people, improving the quality of your services or products, book-keeping, team building, operations and many other activities.

seo firm los angeles
seo firm los angeles

Many businesses have been able to achieve their business goals by hiring professional web marketing search engine optimization services.

Some of the advantages of hiring professional online marketing services are:

  • For the simple fact that they are experts in the field
  • You will save on time. SEO process requires a lot of time, especially when it comes to making manual submissions for link building. A good SEO company should be able to do it quite efficiently for you
  • They will be constantly updating their knowledge base with changes that place with improve search engine ranking algorithms. Some of the changes might even mean making changes in contents and keywords. It is best to leave this job to the professionals
  • They usually come a lot cheaper than hiring SEO professionals in-house
  • They will redo your website if it does not have sufficient juice to attract the traffic
  • They offer excellent customer support. and you could approach them anytime you want

Some strategies that work great for other businesses might be totally ineffective on yours. Any good SEO company should be able to provide personalized solutions for your business needs.

You could ask them to explain all the SEO techniques that they use. Some companies offering online marketing services might adopt black-hat techniques to promote your website. That poses a big risk of your website getting banned by the search engines.

Top search engine companies like Google are very particular about the compliance with their terms and conditions. If they decline your requests to lift the ban, your website might go for a total waste, not to mention the wastage of time and money that you spent on promoting your website.

Therefore it is very important for you to hire the services of a SEO company that adopts only ethical practices to promote your website. It is a good business reputation that will help you grow in the long run.

So make sure that you communicate well with them and ask them about the various methods they use for helping your business get more online exposure. There are many credible seo services los angeles ca that have been helping businesses sell their products or services.

We provide the best info about SEO company and online marketing services. For more information, give us a call today!

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Search Engine Optimization Expert

A search optimization firm executes superior and strategic projects that are natural and online paid advertising campaign to achieve good investment returns for the site.

Converting visitors into customers play the prime role within the promotion programme.

The functions of such firms involve methodologies to reach the target motive by implementing various actions.

Link Analysis Report

It is to know about the competitors linking patterns and sources of links etc.

Reciprocal Link Building

An effective way to form links from established sites. A mutual linking exchange by ‘reciprocal’ arrangement with related websites could be arranged. In this way, the trade link expands in both ways and benefits the customers by increasing link popularity and lead to boost ranking with San Jose SEO Expert.

It is done through framing text, buttons, and banners. Text exchanges based on HTML code and easy to manage and update.

Directory Submission

Online directories gather sites to be included free under their ‘hub’. This is to benefit the company in lower or limited spending of resources. There are paid links to the directories also exist.

Authoritative Links

Linking with a top order of ranks of the search engines is the most important aspect of search engine optimization. Listing the site within 50 rankings would benefit the site with extraordinary trafficking.

Full Search Engine Optimization

In respect with the industry in which the site under promotion belongs need to do get under listed at the top rankings to boost the business has to be done according to the keyword or phrase used in the search engine algorithm.

On Page Optimization

This includes activities as physical as such includes optimizing HTML Design Elements, optimizing internal link structure, writing good contents etc. And to mention some more, Meta Tags (some engines) , Keywords Words in the Title Tag, Keyword Density in the content, Keyword Density in each Page , Words in Headings ,Words in Bold , Keywords in URL , Anchor text links, HTML Validation , Listings in directory , Beginning, Word Link Structure , “Indexability” of the page etc.

Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page SEO optimization involves with receiving relevant links from similar sites, link quality site exchange sites and selecting matching anchor text from suitable pages of perfect SEO San Jose locations of different pages various sites together.

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Google Killed My SEO Business — But Article Marketing Kept My Websites Thriving

If you are interested in getting into Google’s good graces, you probably live-and-breathe links all day long. You may spend most of your day trying to get your links placed in various websites, just so that you can get the opportunity to make sure Google will find your website and list it in its search results.

You may even spend days on end tweaking the content on your website to make it more SEO-friendly, never really knowing if what you are doing will have any impact at all.

That is the biggest problem with search engine optimization in 2016. It is much harder to draw a straight line between the San Jose SEO activities you undertake and your rankings in Google’s search results.

San Jose SEO
San Jose SEO

When Google was still young, we could play SEO games all day long and move our websites up and down Google’s search results with simple changes to our websites.

But Google has matured a lot in the last several years, wiping out most of our ability to make simple changes to see massive results.

I was playing Google like a fiddle in the 2000s. I knew exactly what to do, and I had the skills to do it, to push anyone’s website to the top of Google’s search results. I was so good at what I was doing that I was even able to offer my services as a search engine optimization provider and collect monthly fees in the range of $18,000 per month.

Google killed my business in an afternoon by announcing it was going to kill paid links in their search algorithms.

Now, I tried to explain to my clients this announcement would have no effect on what I was doing, because I wasn’t paying anyone to place links to their websites.

But to no avail… each of my clients said, “We are paying you and you are creating links for us, so Google is talking about us.”

I am so glad I got out of the SEO-industry in 2008, because clients would freak out every time a Google employee sneezed.

Because I knew my clients were wrong, I continued to work my magic with my own websites, and I continue to benefit from those activities even today as 2016 is winding down.

I closed another of my websites in 2010. I didn’t shut it down, but I quit adding new content to it and promoting it actively. I also took down all of my buy buttons. We are coming up on the seven-year anniversary of when I stopped supporting that website. This particular website still received traffic from 142,000 unique visitors in 2015, and it is on track to match the same traffic levels in 2016.

The bottom line is, that I have been using article marketing to promote my websites online since circa 1999.

Article marketing works as well today as it did 17 years ago.

The Day Article Marketing Died

If you are like me, you might have heard about “the day article marketing died” – Feb. 23, 2011.

That was when Google introduced the Farmer/Panda updates, and lost 90 percent of its footprint inside of Google’s search results. lost 94 percent of its search rankings, lost 87 percent of its search results, lost 85 percent and lost 90 percent.

Google pretty much decimated all of the article directories in a single day.

The article marketing industry was turned on its head, and many providers in this niche lost their shirts.

Article directory marketing died, and it has never returned to prominence, despite hundreds of companies trying to hang on and find ways around the embargo.

But Here is the Thing That Might Surprise You

The traffic to my website was barely affected, because I had never really used the article directories to promote my articles.

My articles were published on websites, inside blogs and newsletters. The Farmer/Panda updates did not impact the websites where my articles were published. In fact, those properties likely benefited from the death of the article directories.

My articles were published in places where a human-editor chose my article from a stack of articles on their computers.

Online publishers who are driven by a need to keep readers happy will focus only on publishing articles that they have reviewed and decided were a good fit for their publications and their audiences.

This is the Article Marketing Secret Sauce

In order for your article search engine marketing activities to be successful, you need to be able to get your content placed somewhere where a human-editor is reviewing your article for placement in their website.

The secret sauce is “human reviewed and audience approved.”

With the advent of social media, “audience approved” is easy for Google to identify. If people enjoy an article, they will share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Linked In.

If Google is able to see how often a particular article has been shared on social media, it knows that the particular article offers a lot of value to its readers.

The Proof of This Idea Can Be Found in Mashable

Founded in 2005, Mashable is the top source for news in social and digital media, technology and Web culture.

According to its advertisers page, Mashable has 45 million monthly visitors, and it has 29 million followers on social media. Mashable also indicates that one of its posts is shared on social media every three seconds, and 55% of its traffic comes from mobile users.

I took a few minutes to scroll through Mashable’s front page to look for articles on its website that might stand out in Google’s search results. Here are just three examples:

  • I found an article titled, “People Were Nuts About Guns This Black Friday”. This article had 490 social media shares. I Googled “people nuts about guns” and Mashable was the No. 1 listing. “Guns Black Friday” was also ranked in Google showing Mashable in the No. 8 listing.
  • Another article I found was called, “Online Sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Broke All Records”. It had 547 shares. I queried “online sales black friday cyber monday” inside Google without the quotes, and Mashable was the No. 9 listing.
  • The final article I checked was titled, “Samsung Brand Autopsy: How Can The Company Earn Back Trust?” It had 513 shares. When I queried Google for “Samsung brand autopsy” and “Samsung brand”, the story inside Mashable was ranked No.1 in Google. Even a search for “Samsung company” shows the Mashable article in the No. 8 spot in Google’s search results. is ‘willing to take’ ( articles from people like you and me.  To increase the likelihood of seeing your articles published on Mashable, I encourage you to read the article ‘12 Things Not to Do When Pitching a Story to Mashable’ located here:

As seen above, Google has proven that article marketing isn’t actually dead to them. Article directories are dead, but article marketing is not.

Because That Is Where The Money Is

During his 40-year criminal career, Willie Sutton stole approximately $2 million and spent half of his adult life in prison for his crimes.

When asked why he robbed banks, he said “Because that is where the money is.”

Which brings us to the question of why I have always used this kind of article marketing to promote my websites… “Because that is where the traffic is.”

I don’t worry about doing SEO for my own websites. I worry about getting my articles into a website that already has tons of traffic.

For several reasons:

1. I want my share of their traffic.

2. If their readers share my article on social media, then Google will share my article with more of their users.

3. If social media shares impact how Google perceives the value of my article, on a major website, then that value will transfer also to my website via the link in my author’s resource box.

4. A few really valuable web pages linking to my website trumps thousands of links from low-value web pages.

In Conclusion

There is nothing really hard about this approach to search engine optimization ( SEO ).

All you really need to do is to focus on creating content that people will want to read, then put it in a place where lots of people ;already go to find the information that they want to read.


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Site Penalized For BMR Links By Google panda Update?

Did you lose your traffic and rankings after the recent Panda update? If yes continue reading this post. Here we will discuss the ways to get rid of the penalty imposed by Google Panda.

Last month, Matt Cutts pointed out that Google is going to bring certain updates, which will level the playing field for all webmasters. Within a few days, Google de-indexed Build My Rank (BMR) and almost every site associated with it got penalized.

A sample letter from a Google Panda victim who came to us for help. I have deleted a certain portion to maintain the confidentiality of the client.


SEO Expert San Jose have spent the last 1 year or so really putting emphasis in on our site, optimizing it, adding videos, articles, great content and adding good quality backlinks. We’ve had no problem with this. In fact, our site appeared on the first page for many of our top keywords in the 1 to 5 spot. This has been like this for a year, steadily and gradually growing.

Our offsite link building consists of manual link building strategies that include press releases, videos, participation in forums, blogs and articles, ezine articles writing, social media etc.

On the 17th of February something major happened. All our keywords dropped like an arrow. Attached you will see the google analytics. Also here is a sample of the keywords that dropped so drastically. Traffic went from 3500-4000 a day to less than 1000. Actually, most traffic now is coming from Yahoo and Bing and I don’t know how long that would last.

The only thing we can think of is that one of our linking strategies was using BMR (Build My Rank) blog network to submit original content. And I heard that some blog networks got hit badly and started devaluating links from such networks. BMR was the better network because they only allowed original content so that is why we used them as one of our many search engine marketing strategies.

We stay away from really blackhat stuff…like Xrumer blasts, Senuke etc…

It is evident from the mail that the victim was doing great work. He was getting links from original SEO San Jose content still his site was penalized.

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